Our Holding Company

A&S Logistique Mondiale Ltd LLC. is a Kentucky, USA-Based LLC specialised in Marketing & Logistics. We have operations based in Miami, Panama & Trinidad & Tobago.

What Makes Us Different ? 

At CDMMall.Net 
We don’t facilitate a transaction between you and the vendor. We are an authorised agent for ANY product posted here... 
Due to the fact that we are sourcing agents by profession, 
That essentially means we have a competitive advantage unlike any other Strategic Partnerships ;-)
We know where to find just about everything you need, and quickly too !


The Benefits
You Don’t Need A Credit Card ! 
More Options (You get to choose what works for you) 
We Are Your Deal Finders (We take the hassle out of finding deals)
We Do The Work When You Click (We find the deals for you)
Fast Order Fulfilment (Warehouses located in USA, Panama City & Trinidad)